Bogna Filipiuk

Function / Organisation: 
DG Enterprise, European Commission (Belgium)

Of Polish origin, Bogna Filipiuk studied business administration at the "Viadrina" University in Frankfurt/Oder (Germany) where she also accomplished her PhD on risk reporting. Before joining the Commission she worked, inter alia, in the areas of risk controlling and business consultancy. She joined DG Enterprise and Industry in 2007. Since then she has worked on the CIP dossier.


The CIP aims to encourage the competitiveness of European enterprises (notably SMEs) by supporting innovation (including eco-innovation), better access to finance and business support services. It encourages a better take-up and use of ICT and promotes the increased use of renewable energies and energy efficiency. The CIP has an overall budget of € 3.621 million. The presentation will give an overview of the funding opportunities within the different sub programmes of the CIP.