Company visits

Atlas Copco Airpower NV - Wilrijk

Atlas Copco Airpower NV
Boomsesteenweg 957
2610 Wilrijk

Atlas Copco Airpower (Wilrijk) is the world’s most specialized knowledge center for compressed air technology and the headquarters of the business area ‘Compressor Technique’ within the Atlas Copco Group. They develop and manufacture oil-free and oil-injected stationary air compressors, portable air compressors, turbo compressors and expanders, electric power generators, air treatment equipment and air management systems. Atlas Copco also serves their customers in the industry segments around the world with temporary air and power rental solutions. Atlas Copco innovates for superior productivity in applications such as manufacturing, construction, and the process industry worldwide. Principal product development and main manufacturing units are in Antwerp, Belgium. More information is available on

During the company visit you’ll see the production of components and the assembly.

Employment: 2400
Turnover Compressor Technique business area: 3.040 Mio €

Materialise - Heverlee

Technologielaan 15
3001 Heverlee (Leuven)

With its headquarters in Leuven and branches all over the world, the Materialise Group is best known for its activities in the field of industrial and medical additive manufacturing. Apart from having the largest capacity of additive manufacturing equipment in Europe, Materialise enjoys a worldwide reputation as provider of innovative software solutions. Materialise has acquired the position of market leader for 3D printing and Digital CAD software in addition to being a major player in medical and dental image processing and surgery simulation. Through its unique .MGX by Materialise division for design products, Materialise has opened the market for customized Rapid Manufacturing. Recently the company launched a new service: i.materialise. i.materialise is an on-line service offering customized 3D creation and 3D printing service to consumers. Consumers interested in creating their own unique design, can have it printed via i.materialise. The customer base includes all large companies in the automotive, consumer electronics and consumables sectors. Its medical and dental products are used worldwide by famous hospitals, research institutes and clinicians. Unique design shops all over the world rely on .MGX by Materialise. The group has several subsidiaries in Europe, Asia and the USA, and employs over 800 people in its 4 divisions.

During the company visit you’ll see the whole process from digital file to low volume manufactured parts.

Employment: 800
Turnover: 52.4 Mio €

Techspace Aero - Herstal

Techspace Aero
route de Liers 121
4041 Milmort (Herstal)

Part of the Safran Group, Techspace Aero designs, develops and produces modules, equipment and test cells for aerospace engines. Thanks to its high technology products, Techspace Aero contributes to the success of numerous Airbus (A320, A330, A340, A380, A400M), Boeing (B737, B747, B767, B777, B787) and Embraer (190, 195) flights as well as the Ariane 5 launcher.

Based on its technological maturity, the company plays an important role in aerospace propulsion evolution and is a leader in its three areas of expertise: propulsion, equipment, turbine facilities.

During the company visit you’ll see the precise manufacturing of several engine components.

Employment: 1.250
Turnover: 318 Mio €

Nanocyl - Sambreville

Rue de l'Essor 4
5060 Sambreville

Nanocyl is the leading global manufacturer of specialty and industrial Carbon Nanotubes Technologies (CNTs).

We help our customers successfully nano-engineer their future with value-added products, industry-leading R&D, advanced production capabilities, and world-class technical support.

Nanocyl focuses its technology and know-how on the practical application of Carbon Nanotubes. We integrate our Carbon Nanotubes into new and existing materials, resulting in the improved performance of polymers, metals, composites and biomaterials.

We offer a host of high performance, Carbon Nanotubes-based products which go beyond our customers’ expectations. For example, we produce synthetic materials and manufacture equipments for the automotive and electronic industries. Moreover, we are developing tailor-made solutions for the aeronautic, construction, sports, and marine industries.

Our portfolio is growing, and now includes the widely-used PLASTICYL™, EPOCYL™, AQUACYL™, THERMOCYL™ , BIOCYL ™, PREGCYL™, STATICYL™ products that facilitate the integration of Nanocyl™ NC 7000 in our customers’ applications. Other high quality Carbon Nanotube grades and technologies are also available at competitive price too.

Nanocyl’s Carbon Nanotubes expertise is also growing, thanks to global partnerships with top scientific organizations and high-tech companies, coupled with the company’s commitment to R&D, currently equal to 39% of our total budget.

KULeuven - FMTC - Sirris

KULeuven - FMTC - Sirris
Celestijnenlaan 300C
3001 Leuven

The visit includes 3 organizations: Katholieke Universiteit Leuven (Division Production Engineering, Machine design and Automation), Flanders’ Mechatronics Technolgy Centre (FMTC) and Sirris.

The division PMA of the Katholieke Universiteit Leuven carries out research on advanced manufacturing processes, computer integrated manufacturing, assembly automation, dimensional metrology and reverse engineering, machine and instrument design, structural dynamics and acoustics, mechatronics, motion control, programming and control of robots and intelligent machines, and life cycle engineering. There is continuous strive to keep a good balance between basic or long-term research on the one hand, and applied or short-term research on the other hand. The division PMA is pioneer, among many other university divisions, in the creation of spin-off companies.

Flanders' Mechatronics Technology Centre vzw (FMTC) is a member organization with the mission to jointly develop new and improve existing generic mechatronic competences and technologies to strengthen the competitive edge of its member companies. Mechatronics combines mechanics, electronics, and software in an optimal way to make products more modular, more intelligent, and more productive. FMTC's ultimate measure of success is the actual utilization of its mechatronic technologies and knowledge in members' products. To achieve its mission, the centre conducts industry-driven joint projects and contract projects in the following research clusters: ecological machines, flexible machines and intelligent machines.

Sirris is the collective research centre of the Belgian technological industry. It helps and supports companies in the implementation of technological innovations, enabling them to strengthen their competitive position over the long-term. Sirris experts visit companies on site, offer them technological advice, launch innovation paths, and provide guidance until they reach the implementation phase. It is our aim to find concrete solutions to the real challenges facing Belgian manufacturing industry.

The 3 organizations are located in the same building, allowing a close co-operation in the area of mechatronics and manufacturing technology. Through this co-operation, fundamental and applied research results, obtained at the university are further developed and transferred to industry through FMTC and Sirris.



Turnover in Mio €










Sabca - Brussels

The SABCA Group has almost 90 years experience in aerospace and is active in three markets: space launchers, civil aviation and defense.

The headquarters are located in Brussels and operations are spread over three plants.

In Brussels, SABCA researches, designs, develops, manufactures, assembles and supports complex metallic and composite structural elements for aircraft and space launchers, as well as advanced mechatronics systems. The SABCA Charleroi plant is renowned for major overhauls, structural and avionics upgrades of military aircraft and helicopters. The fully-owned subsidiary SABCA Limburg is specialized in the manufacturing of aerospace composite structural elements.

The Group has always customized its products to meet the individual requirements of its clients. Therefore SABCA cultivates the highest quality, with AS/EN 9100 and ISO 9001-2000 certifications.

The company visit you will allow you to observe the manufacturing and assembly of large aeronautical and space elements.

Employment: 979
Turnover: 133 Mio €

ULB - Brussels

ULB-Université Libre de Bruxelles-Université d’Europe
Av. Franklin Roosevelt, 50
1050, Bruxelles

During this year’s celebration of it’s175th anniversary, ULB is glad to welcome the participants of the European Conference on Industrial Technologies. Your visit fulfills the objective of our third mission implying services to society and enterprises beside our missions of Education and Research.

Faculties of Sciences and of Applied Sciences will present the expertise of their research teams as well as new ready to market technologies around two main sessions targeting relevant key- axis: 

1- Nanoscience, Material Science and Energy
This session will concentrate on different aspects such as :
- Atmospheric plasmas, hydrophobic and antibacterial layers, nanolayers
- (Bio)Sensors, fuel cells, corrosion, water treatment, removal of heavy metals
- Tailoring of high performance steels
- Organic solar cells, light-emitting diodes for displays and lighting
- Automotive pollution control

2- Processes and Manufacturing Technologies
This session will present the following processes:
- Space research , heat transfer, crystallization and drying processes, bioreactors
- Microtechnologies, machine design
- Optical, mechanical, thermal instruments design
- Robotics, vibroacoustics, health monitoring

Each session will focus on short displays of the equipments and brief research unit presentations so that we keep plenty of time for networking in a professional and friendly atmosphere.

OrganisationUniversité Libre de Bruxelles-ULB
Employement3500 research staff
Research Budget132 Mio € (academic hospital not included

Volvo Truck - Oostakker

Volvo Truck
Smalleheerweg 31
9041 Oostakker

Since 1964 Volvo is the sole truck producer in Belgium. The Gent plant is the biggest Volvo truck plant in Europe with assembly of the complete European range of heavy trucks FM/FH and the medium duty trucks FL/FE for the international market.

Next to final assembly some additional activities were introduced in Gent: the fitting of tyres on rims to wheels and the trimming of cabs. Volvo Fitting Center fits wheels for the own production of heavy trucks, but also for the Swedish and Russian production of heavy trucks and for the Volvo bus plants in Sweden and Poland. In Volvo Cab Trim department cabs are trimmed for the entire Gent production of heavy trucks.

The Volvo Truck plant is the first CO2-neutral company in Belgium, with investments in wind turbines, a heating system based on biomass, solar panels and a continuous focus on sustainable energy consumption.

Volvo is continuously improving its processes and products based on it’s core values: safety, quality and environmental care and on the lean manufacturing principles.

During the company visit you’ll see the truck and cab assembly line.

Employment: 3.300